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"Got Brand?"


This is our information page for those considering using holistic branding. It explains some of the needs as well as the reasons for them. Many people have told us this page reads like a blog. 

Members area

Some companies charge to be in their members area. We have added it as a free service. It is for people who are enhancing their brand, be it a personal brand or brands build by anyone. Those using this page should have a friendship with the owners of Lisechglobal. Branding pictures either face or logo are required. 


This is where others show what they have to think of us. 

Business/brand consult

This shows a little of what we can do for companies.

Article consultation

How we write and why we write. It also contains editing services for those who already write. 

Visual identity consulting

This explains what visual identity is. It also explains how our services are going to help you. 


This page creates extra work for us. Two times the punch, with prices on more than one page is what we were told. 

Branding links

This contains links to Facebook groups we have created as well as articles and branding work. 

Disclaimer and privacy policy

Disclaimers and privacy policies are something we firmly believe in. This is one thing we tell everyone we work for. If you accept payments on your website most pay services require them. 

About us

Most people want to know something about the company they are dealing with. This lets them know on site who we are and why we are in business. 

Contact us
So far there have been very few websites we have seen without this page. 

Visitors often have questions about what we do. This area answers a few of their questions.

Video Blog

This was added in May 2013. We plan on doing our own videos. The process has been slower than we anticipated. Until we get started we are sharing videos for others which we believe add something of value to the lives we touch. 

Featured Products

This is where you will find payment options for services. 


Search engines love sitemaps. It lets them know what a website contains. It also lets visitors know what each page should contain. 

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