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We understand in the internet world people want instant gratification. With our products and services this is not possible. Every effort is made to provide them quickly.                          +1 402 806 7868

Our staff are professionals who have been quietly earning an online income since the advent of internet marketing. We keep up to date because we do what you want to. 


You are paying for hours of research

 It takes time to locate your target audience then research their likes and dislikes. It is important that we please both you and your audience. 



 Our goal, as yours, is to show you as an expert in your field. To do this we have to become experts in your field, this takes time. Design and branding are to create interest in you. 


Consultation                                                        +1 402 806 7868

We offer a money back Guarantee with our consultation services. This requires proof you implemented what we advised and show us proof. 

If you use Lisech eMarketing services fifty percent of the consultation fee go towards payment for their (Lisech eMarketing) services. 

Business plan consultations

It takes three plans in total to start and keep a business operational. One member of our staff has been writing all three types since 1970. This is both for online and offline businesses. In recent years is has also been for a combination of both.

What are the three types?

A life plan

A business plan

A marketing plan 

For these the prices vary by how many hours are involved in creating them. The per hour rate for each plan is also different. A life plan is the least expensive. Marketing plans can be as high as $50,000 for a three month plan. 

Social media consultation 

As a business owner you will be using social media. As a business owner you are branded. Quite often we find the brand identity doesn't match the rest of the brand identity. There are also defined uses for social media, these work well for keeping current customers happy and bringing in new targeted customers. 

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