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Article marketing is an easy way to be quickly ranked by search engines. With article marketing the idea is to choose keywords associated with your product or service. This helps with website search engine optimization, also with reaching your target audience.

Articles are to create an interest in you, and lead to your product or service through a link. The number of articles published and their content are what show you as an expert in your field. It is advised to have some part of you in the articles. Not much, just enough so your audience know you are a living breathing human who has experiences which lead to the expertise. We work with you showing you what we are doing, so your learning to create your own blogs and be comfortable doing it. 

A customer generally will see a product or service seven to ten times before buying. Seeing someone as an expert in their field is said to bring a buyer much faster. A rule of thumb we follow is it takes ten articles create an expert.




Proofreading and editing

For two years proof reading and editing was part of my daily life. College students who wanted high grades came to me to have their papers proof read and edited. There was not a single paper which pulled less than a "B."


My life has been spent in business. I knew what worked in 1970 and I know what works now. Either I or one of the staff take the time to explain why changes were made and how you will benefit from them. 



It is your work, we just make it work.  


 Like most companies we want to be able to provide a service that the masses can afford. For us this is proof reading and editing. Not that we believe anyone can't afford all we do. 

Up to 550 words                                                                                                                                      $5.00

From 550 to 1000 words                                                                                                                           $8.50

Over a 1000 words is not recommended. Every editing program we have used or seen always stop articles at 1000 words.  

In each case this includes tips to improve your writing style.  

Samples of our work
Proof reading and editing including consulting for auto response series

It is only rarely an auto response system should be used to sell. People opt in for more information. This you want to give them. If you have a website the link is allowed in informational letters. 

 This should lead to a special you are having or a special informational page you might have added. For MLM's you never want to have your link in an auto response letter. The prices above apply here also. 

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Branding articles


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