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Snell Experts only internet marketing (eMarketing) consulting

$125.97 $499.99

This is strictly for members of Snell Experts . It was created as a special deal through David Snell. There is no where on the internet you will find  this quality of   consulting for this price. eMarketing consultations include phone time, research time, and emails explaining what changes you need and why. The cost of time to create emails and research are included. Each person using this service can thank David Snell for bringing you this price. Enjoy your discount. Our regular price for this service is $499.99. 

What does this consultation i nclude

Includes the following:


-Verify & check brand your voice


-Investigate brand colors and logo(s)


-Discuss how the brand is currently producing


-Check the website HTML for errors and omissions*


-Investigate social media for brand voice and interaction


-Check brand reputation and give suggestions as needed


-Check & Verify website keywords including checking competition




-We make written email recommendations on all items we check


-Problems we find you will receive instructions showing how to alleviate.


*We don't access your website back office unless asked to do so. If we


are asked additional charges occur.


All of this is normally $499.99 -

For Snell Experts members only


*price is offset by Snell Experts

Every brand is the product of four disciplines


IT, Graphic design, content, marketing


We use a four specialist approach for


Branding Consultations

Satisfied customers

There will be no conflict of interest. You will be given names of U.S. professionals to fill any needs we find. As of yet we haven't found a single company that couldn't use improvement.  

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