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Quotes I run my own tutoring business ( and have been associated with Dennis for a few months now. I'm pretty hard-headed about the way I do things until I hear an idea that makes sense to me. Dennis has come up with some great ideas that I am now implementing. Not only did he have the knowledge to help me, he had the ability to explain it in a way that made sense to me. I highly recommend Dennis for helping you make your business tomorrow better than today! Thanks Dennis! Quotes
Joe Maciarz
Owner, A Tutoring Enterprises

Quotes Until Dennis took an interest in me and my website, I was fumbling around in the dark. His Advice and Information are what have helped get as far as I have. There is much for me to do but he pointed me in the right direction. Any mistakes are mine. We have to make a few to learn what works. Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga! Quotes
Curtiss Martin

Quotes Dennis put in so many hours and time with helping us to get our website up and running, a very helpful and honest man that gives his heart to so many. Dennis did an awesome job helping us to get everything up and running, wording, placement, and all the tools we needed to get where we needed to be in a great timely manner.. Will never go anywhere else. Dennis showed his heart and kindness in every sense of his helping us and we will forever be grateful. Many thanks to your Dennis we are building up and making so many new relationships! Quotes
Joel & Danea Key
Direct Marketer

Quotes Dennis, Thank you for your continued help with Snell Experts! You do a great job in helping others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued help with Snell Experts! I give you the thumbs up award and the five star award. David Snell Quotes
David Snell
Chief Executive Officer for Snell Experts LLC

Quotes I have an online business that thrives on comparing intelligence. Of course, I always like to do the same regarding the kind of people I like to work with too. Dennis is one of those stand outs in the crowd that I go to for presenting myself and my business online. Dennis is everything I look for in the right kind of person to network with. If you?re looking to brighten your presence on line with your web site or you?re looking for other really neat ways to brighten your brand online, I highly recommend you check in with Dennis first. He?ll think of you, your needs, and how to do it in a most judicious way. ? Mark Dean, Online Marketer Quotes
Mark Dean
Online Marketer

Quotes I was stuck in a hole. Lost more money than I could afford and didn't no what to do. That same day I talked to Dennis Thorgesen and he put everything in a whole new light on how things were done. Dennis has helped me follow the right path and saved me a ton of time doing so. Thank you for all! Quotes
Satisfied human being

Quotes Thanks for the time you took for me to make this site come alive. Dennis is a patient and caring man who enjoys helping others. He took his expertise and knowledge of keywords to make something I never thought could happen. Quotes
Bob Judd
Business owner

Quotes Your kind heart and vast knowledge of business and branding, has given me strength to live a dream I didn't realize was within me. If it weren't for you Life In Portland would have never been. Not only did a dream come true, I gained a friend. Thank you for everything. Quotes
Cindy Hamilton
Proud website owner

Quotes I find in this man, Dennis Thorgesen, someone of unique value. Though I cannot put my finger on it, I know there is, inside, a spirit of character which only some may ever see, but by which many will be blessed, if only by his presence! Thank you Dennis, for opening up a world of possibility and inspiration. You have made your mark! Gratefully, Bruce Quotes

Quotes Not one 'cliche'. Refreshingly honest and intelligent. Most importantly though...specifically knowledgeable . Quotes

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